Feedback concluded on the Implementation Plan

The Wagga Rail Trail Strategic Directions and Implementation Plan that was commissioned earlier this year and presented to the Wagga community in September has been finalised and the feedback process concluded.

The Plan details what needs to be done to develop the trail including further planning, final design, approval, construction and ongoing management.

The Plan revealed four major findings:

  • That considerable support for the trail exists from the business community, Government agencies, potential users and the general public of Wagga Wagga.
  • If implemented, the trail would deliver a significant range of social, economic, transport, health and tourism benefits to our local community.
  • That neighbouring landholders have four key issues of concern:
    o   Biosecurity
    o   Disruption to farming
    o   Access, privacy and security
    o   Cost implication for farmers                                                       
  • That despite these concerns, a shared trail could comfortably co-exist with farming neighbours. This could be achieved by using a route that is sensitive to their needs and that incorporates a range of mitigation measures.

The Plan also detailed a series of Actions to facilitate and guide the development of the trail from now through to construction completion and ongoing management. 

Following the presentation, feedback on the Plan was invited from the public and a total of 21 responses were received from community members. Of these responses, 15 submitted unqualified support for the proposal and a further 6 either did not support the rail trail proposal or some specified aspects of the Plan.

Of the 21 responses, two organisations submitted more detailed analysis and comment. These were NSW Farmers and Committee4Wagga.

We thank those people and organisations that submitted comment. All feedback will be considered during the next phase of trail development.

Cristy Houghton