The e-Revolution will get more people on bikes

Electric bicycles or ‘e-bikes’ are bikes equipped with a small electric motor that provides assistance up to 25km/hr. It’s like riding with a permanent tailwind!
E-bikes come in all shapes and sizes and are extremely common in countries like New Zealand, Holland and Germany, where cycling is a way of life.
Coupled with the Wagga Rail Trail, e-bikes are set to give a big boost to the number of people commuting to work or riding for recreation in Wagga.
Getting into the habit of riding a bike to work provides positive health benefits as well as helps prevent ‘lifestyle diseases’ like diabetes.
If e-bikes and the Wagga Rail Trail encourage more people to ride to work then that’s a great thing.
Once the trail is developed, we also expect to have e-bikes for hire, alongside more traditional models, at the Visitor Information Centre trackhead.
By choosing an e-bike you won’t need to worry about lack of fitness as the e-bike significantly reduces the amount of effort required. You still need to put in some effort, but the e-bike allows you to go much further with the same effort.
E-bikes make cycling convenient and easy, and a recreation option for everyone!

Cristy Houghton