Time to Make a Difference to Our City

Local Government elections in NSW will be held on Saturday September 10thand dozens of candidates are standing for Wagga Wagga City Council.  
This is an important election and Wagga Rail Trail Inc. believes that the makeup of the new Council will have an impact on the support for future investment in passive recreation infrastructure in our city.  If you are enrolled to vote in the Wagga City Council elections and the Wagga Rail Trail project is important to you, then you might like to consider the views of local candidates.
We are in the process of briefing all candidates about the Wagga Rail Trail, the vision behind it, the planning process and why we believe it will be such a great thing for Wagga Wagga. We are also giving all candidates the opportunity to address three questions about their views on the Wagga Rail Trail project, passive recreation and active transport opportunities.
We will publish the responses as they come in, so stay tuned to see what candidates believe should be done to make Wagga Wagga a city for the future.

Cristy Houghton