What's Coming

The vivid green Superb Parrot is a special bird that nests in protected bushland close to the proposed Wagga Rail Trail route at Governor’s Hill. With less than 5000 breeding pairs left in the wild, it is an extremely vulnerable parrot, classified nationally as a Threatened Species.

Close by their nesting site is a 100 acre natural wetland, teeming with a diversity of birdlife and native plants. It’s a place that Superb Parrots feed and shelter, and has historically been used by Wiradjuri people to to hunt and collect food.

These special places will be featured in two short videos being produced by Wagga Rail Trail in collaboration with Landcare.

A guided community walk of both sites is also being planned for Spring, to enable local people to see first hand two of the unique experiences that we plan to develop for users along Wagga Rail Trail.

These initiatives are being made possible by a Community Landcare Grant provided by Murrumbidgee Landcare Inc.

Cristy Houghton