New MP = New Opportunities


Recently elected Independent Member for Wagga, The Hon. Dr Joe McGirr MP is clearly in favour of the Wagga Rail Trail project and recognises the tourism opportunities that it will bring to our region.

During his election campaign, Dr McGirr confirmed that he would like to see the project come to fruition but stated that the development must respect the rights of neighbouring landholders and ensure that biosecurity issues are addressed.

Listen to Dr McGirr’s view on the Wagga Rail Trail here Rail Trail Q&A at Debate CLICK HERE.

Our Strategic Development and Implementation Plan recognises a number of key landowner issues, including biosecurity. The report also confirms that these issues can be managed and that the Wagga Rail Trail could comfortably co-exist with farming neighbours.

Importantly, Dr McGirr recognises that the Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail is a pilot trail for NSW and will provide valuable insight and guidelines into the management of all issues associated with farming practices.

We will be briefing Dr McGirr in the coming month on the Wagga Rail Trail project and seeking his support to bring before the NSW Parliament, legislation to close the disused rail line between Wagga and Ladysmith and enable the corridor to be developed as a shared recreation path.

Increasingly, it is becoming clear that until the pilot trail is completed, legislation to enable the development of any other new trails in NSW is unlikely to be enacted.

It is therefore critically important to secure Dr McGirr’s support to elevate in Parliament, the issue of evaluating the pilot trail and the development of guidelines for new trails.

Cristy Houghton