10 Health Benefits of Using a Rail Trail

 Contribution from Wagga Rail Trail member and local physiotherapist Helen Hicks (Wagga Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre)

1. CARDIO-VASCULAR FITNESS: improves the efficiency of the heart pump and oxygenation to the muscles
2. IMPROVES MUSCLE STRENGTH: Exercise such as walking, running, cycling improves muscle tone and stability around the joints
3. IMPROVES JOINT MOBILITY: Working joints through a healthy range of motion
4. IMPROVES COORDINATION AND BALANCE:  We require a good core strength to allow our limbs to work at walking, running, cycling or using a scooter
5. BUILDS STAMINA AND ENDURANCE: as one gradually increases the distance that they are capable of achieving
6.STRENGTHENS BONES: helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis
7. BURNS CALORIES AND FAT: decreases body fat levels
8. STRENGTHENS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: reduces risk of diabetes and many common health ailments
9. MENTAL HEALTH BENEFITS: exercise is proven to help reduce anxiety and depression
10. SAFE FORM OF EXERCISE: No traffic involvement or avoidance of fast moving vehicles – probably the most important Health benefit of all!!

Cristy Houghton