We Need Your Help!

We are planning a series of Wagga Rail Trail stories to be featured in the Daily Advertiser in coming weeks.
These articles will highlight the benefits of a trail, for the people of Wagga Wagga.
To help create relevant and engaging articles we need authentic stories from people within our own community (ie YOU!) about why we want the trail.
The first article will be about safety. We are looking for one or two people or families that have a compelling message about the safety benefits of a trail. Perhaps you commute to work on a bike and have had a few too many near misses with traffic.
Perhaps you have a young family and are looking for a safe place to take them walking, cycling or even for a picnic.
Or, perhaps you want to start cycling and are too nervous to try sharing busy roads with cars, trucks and buses.
If you have a story about why a safe, traffic free trail is what you want in our community then please contact us on waggarailtrail@gmail.com to be involved.
One of the next articles to follow will be about leading healthy, active lifestyles. Again, if you have a real life story about why you want a trail to help you and/or your family get outdoors and enjoy some exercise together, then we want to hear from you.
If having a facility that helps you enjoy running, walking, cycling or just enjoying some outdoor family time together, then contact us to share your story.
There will be more opportunities to contribute as we further develop our series of articles, so stay tuned for your turn to help out.

Cristy Houghton